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External Wall Insulation

Wrap your home with a blanket of highly effective insulation!! ... (Check out the photo's below to see some of our past External Insulation Projects!)

Wall Insulation – The Facts
Insulating your walls is the most effective way to save energy and reduce your energy bills. Up to 30% of heat in your home can be lost through the walls. Your walls have the greatest exposure to the elements.

Improving your wall insulation is a great way to make long-term savings and improve the comfort of your home. You could reduce your heating bill by up to 30% while increasing your standard of living.

There are 3 methods of wall insulating. Cavity Wall Ecobead Insualtion, Internal dryling insulation or External wall insulation. Don’t worry we can advise which measure suits your home best at our free house assessment.

Wrap your home with External Wall insulation. This insulation system involves fixing an insulated board (usually 100mm thick) to the outer face of your home. It will completely wrap your home with a continuous layer of insulation like a blanket while eliminating cold bridging problems. Having this external blanket of insulation lets your masonry walls absorb and store the heat generated inside, therefore enabling your heating system to function more efficiently which has the knock on effect of reducing your energy bills!!

The boards Finlay Ecofit Tullamore Ltd use are KORE external insulation boards, and you can read more about this at the link below:


The insulated board is covered with a protective mesh and weather-tight plaster render. We have an extensive range of colours to choose from which make your home look like a newly built house.

Finlay Ecofit use the highly recommended Ceresit Ceretherm system.

Read more about the Ceresit Ceretherm system at the link below:


Benefits of external Wall Insulation with Finlay Eco Fit -
• Reduction of heating bills
• Increased comfort levels with this highly effective system
• Reduction in CO2 emissions
• Heat loss can be reduced by up to 30%
• Prevents condensation, mould & fungal growth & stops draughts
• No disruption to inside of home & no reduction to interior floor space.
• Improved visual finish to house

Grants are available of up to €6000 for installing External Wall Insulation with Finlay Eco Fit.

Extract from a national newspaper:

"Why external wall insulation is so beneficial"

External wall insulation (EWI) is a proven method for effective improvement of heating energy performance of houses and apartments.

It involves the application of insulation and a new render coat on the outer face of the existing external walls of the building. Extremely high performance insulation standards can be achieved.

It is usually possible to achieve comprehensive coverage of external wall surfaces. Careful detailing will minimise heat leakage at 'thermal bridges' – the heat leakage points (such as around window openings) that are difficult to insulate using other insulation methods.

The building will also be made more airtight, reducing heat loss due to draughts. The installation can be completed with minimal disruption to life indoors.

The surface skin of the building is renewed, thereby extending the life of the building.

The EWI installation consists of insulation board fixed with adhesives and pins to the existing wall, covered with a basecoat render that contains a reinforcing mesh and topped with a decorative finish.

In Ireland most houses built with brick or concrete walls are suitable for EWI. Single skin walls of brick, solid / hollow blockwork or stone are generally ideal for EWI. Cavity walls (two separate leaves of brick or block with a gap between) should first have the cavity filled by injection of insulation to prevent air movement reducing the insulation effect of EWI.

Various other factors should be considered prior to installing EWI. There must be adequate ventilation to maintain good air quality in rooms for occupants.

There are various systems in the Irish market for external wall insulation, Ceresit Ceretherm system is of high standard & is a recommended system. This system is certified by the National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI)."

Passive sills 

We use Passive sills for our external insulation system sills

Check out the link below to see Passive sills website:


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